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    The Russian Tank will definitely not stay in St. Louis. Tarasenko will be exchanged or he will leave for free


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    Kash Sports Management Company specializes in advising, accompanying and assisting students/athletes in enrolling in schools, universities and colleges in the United States based on their athletic achievements. We help children decide on the direction of their studies and combine a sports career in the future. We negotiate with educational institutions and sports teams in educational institutions, representing the interests of our clients. We agree on admission conditions, grants for training and accommodation of the client. We provide our information support for the client and the client's family during the entire training.

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    We offer a range of services, here is some text about services, about how these services minimize the waste of time on minor worries that your manager can do

    • Search and selection of an educational institution
    • Search for a place of residence
    • Training assistance
    • Psychological work with an athlete
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    Наши клиенты

    Pavel Matyunin
    Play college hockey in US. Play professional hockey in Europe

    Krasnodar, Russia 2014. 07/27/2006 Krasnodar. Play college hockey in US. Father-Pavel Matyunin, Mother-Yana Matyunina

    Edis Freimanis
    I started playing hockey in my home town Rīga

    Я родилась в Риге, Латвия, 2 марта 2005 года. Моих родителей зовут Гифт и Ивета. Моего брата зовут Томс. Моих бабушку и дедушку зовут Дагния, Дзидра и Юрис.

    Alex Magal
    He started playing for CSKA when he was 5 years old

    He was born in Moscow, Russia. Mom Thea Merabovna, Dad Konstantin Alexandrovich, Sister Anabel Konstantinovna. The goal is to get into the NBA

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